Why the Mediterranean sea is saltier than the Cantabrian sea?

The Mediterranean Sea is saltier than the Cantabrian Sea because it has a higher salt concentration, exactly 3 g/kg above the average. This is due to the fact that water inputs from rainfall or river basins are lower than the amount that evaporates, which increases the concentration of dissolved salts. This deficit is compensated by the entry of Atlantic waters (with lower salt concentration) through the Strait of Gibraltar, although this exchange is not sufficient to equalize the values. This is why the Mare Nostrum is considered a "concentration basin", a closed sea with higher salinity.


Estrecho de Gibraltar

| The Strait of Gibraltar serves as a compensation channel, through which more water enters than leaves. © El Playólogo/Maremecum

This characteristic is easily appreciated when you get out of the sea and let the water dry on your body, obtaining a "tasty" salt spray on your skin that bothers you when you put on your clothes. But if you get out and dry your skin with a towel, you won't miss a freshwater shower until you get home. We have found that these brackish baths are very beneficial for the skin. For us, all skin problems disappear as if by magic when we spend long periods at sea. I don't know if it has something to do with the salt water... or if it's because of the happiness of living in the Mediterranean (...)

Find out for yourself.